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Music in April and May


By rhansberger

Spring has sprung in music class! Songs about rain, gardens, birds and bugs is our focus. The 2’s and 3’s classes had fun with singing and moving to the Umbrella Song.

Down came the raindrops, splash splash splash,
Let’s run for cover, dash dash dash!
Pitter patter Pitter patter, drip drip drop,
I’m under my umbrella ’til the raindrops stop.

We moved with scarves and added instruments too!

The 4’s 5’s and Kindergarten enrichment classes performed the poem, Rain on the Green Grass and added instruments. We also sang The Green Grass Grew All Around and improvised on the xylophone with the pentatonic scale. We made a thunderstorm in the classroom using percussion instruments which was a lot of fun! We sang along with a great song, Listen to the Water and did a dance.

Our songs about birds included See See See which has a fun xylophone part, Up in the Sky which has movements, and Bluebird for the 4’s 5’s and Kindergarten classes which is a fun game with a lot of cooperation with our friends.

Our bug songs include Fuzzy Caterpillar, a song with movement, Out in the Garden, a songs with special instrument parts for each insect, and Can You Move with Me?, a very active song! The 4’s 5’s and Kindergarten will sing thenSpeedy Spider Song and some others featuring melodic direction and echo singing.

Some other themes explored in music were pond, space, dinosaurs and Under the Sea. We learned movements and played instrruments along with the guitar or followed directions for special instrument parts with rhythm sticks, cymbals, and triangles. We explored tempo changes and made harmonies on the xylophones.

Games in music included a guessing game where we listen to our friends voices and try to identify who is singing our name, Bluebird, and John Kanakanaka. Built my Lady and Circle Around the Zero will be fun to play in the coming month.

We also enjoyed some musical books like Who Stole the Cookie and I Got Two Dogs. We listened to classical music too! Spring by Mr. Vivaldi, the Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky-Korsakov, and the Blue Danube Waltz by Strauss.

The Kindergarten class had a great concert and performed Lean On Me, St. Matthews Spirit Song (our school song!) and Rags with a recorder musical interlude. They have learned 4 notes on the recorder and played Hot Cross Buns, Dry Bones and On the Yangtze River in class.

Soon we will learn about Mr. Mozart and sing more songs about bugs, Mothers Day, American folk songs, and some silly ones too! I can’t believe the school year is coming to an end but there will be more music to come in summer camp.