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Music in April


By rhansberger

Songs about spring and composers have been our focus this month. The two’s and three’s classes added rhythms to poems including Rain on the Green Grass, There was a Little Turtle, and The Garden Snail and the Little Mouse. We explored rhythm ostinatos and fast and slow tempos while playing instruments and doing movement. We moved to the music of Mr. Bach including Air on the G Sting and Badinerie. We also listened to the Surprise Symphony by Mr. Haydn and earned how dynamics make music very exciting! We sang See See See a song about birds and ducks and added instruments. We sang 5 Green and Speckled Frogs, Watch Our Garden Grow, and Out in the Garden. We moved and sang to Fising Line, a fun group dance. We moved to asong about bugs and critter, Can You Move With Me, the Flea song, and Flick a Fly. The fours classes also sang Peanut Butrer Sandwiches to the tune of Bach’s Minuet in G. We learned facts about Mr. Bach and listened to the sounds of the organ and flute. We played rhythms on the xylophone using the pentatonic scale and improvising! The Kindergarten also practiced Funga Alafia, Lean on Me for the and the St.
Matthews Spirit Song for their concert. The Kindergarten enrichment and 5’s class also sang 6 inch boots and made a thunderstorm using instruments! We will be singing more about insects and learning about Mr. Haydn and Mr. Mozart as we explore the violin and the piano. We will be singing more fun spring songs and continuing our love of music as the school year comes to an end in May.