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Show us your smile!


By John Lueders

On our new website, you probably have noticed the little circles containing pictures of the staff.

Like this:

Miss Sandy!

You can have one, too!

We ask you to please consider uploading your picture.  It helps staff and parents put names to other parents’ faces. Your image will be viewable by others when you post a comment on the St. Matthew’s School website.

To associate a picture with your St. Matthew’s website account…


1. Visit

2. Enter the same email address that you use to sign in to St. Matthew’s website and click ‘Get Your Gravatar’.

3. Click the link that reads ‘create a new one’.

4. Fill in the three fields and click ‘Sign Up’. Note: the user name field is unique to WordPress and will not be used by the St. Matthew’s website.

5. This screen will appear…it is now time to check your email for the confirmation email.

6. This is the confirmation email…click on ‘Activate Account’.

7. Your browser will now show…click ‘Sign in to Gravatar’.

8. Click on the ‘Add one by clicking here’ link (red circle below).

9. Select a picture of yourself.

10. The image below is based on the selection of ‘My computer’s hard drive’ and after selecting an image…Click ‘Next’.

11. Crop your image by using the little corners and the click ‘Crop and Finish!’.

12. Click on ‘G’ as the rating.

Mission Accomplished!

Now, when you post a comment, everyone will see your smile. 🙂